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Our words matter. they can wound or heal. so I pray the words written here are ones that heal both your soul and mine.Our words are like gentle streams of water which touch our soul.
May you receive all of these to brighten your day and empower your lfe. 

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

After the snows
The morning here at singing stones holds a gentle silence. the sounds of traffic are muted. My critter family of two felines, one young, the other an elder, are gently napping after their morning breakfast. BJ, the 16 pound of autumn gold fur with a black funny face has had his morning walk and his liver treat. He finished off his Sunday Morning breakfast egg with great gratitude and promptly found his favorite chair for the day. These days of snow have provided the space for deep interior pondering as to what really matters: food that will sustain for weeks, if need be, a friend who came and cut a safe path down my drive to the main road, a son who called each day just to talk, also about what really matters, others not so talkative but who have found the ways to show they care and a community of other spirit relatives who send their love and energy.There has been the challenge of a on-line community with Dr. Jean Houston composing fellow seekers from over thirty countries, all focusing on what is our life purpose in the future of this planet, an invitation from an Indian Nation to share my experience and insights on wholistic health and self care, an upcoming workshop on Sacred Land and Peaceful Communication, a request for a lodge There has been a renewal of energy, an opening of the heart and the convergence of creativity for making plain the vision in writing the journey of my own spirit. Yes there is more than one book that is aching in my bones. Now is the time! I find myself reclaiming the writers, the accomplishments, the relationships and the experiences of the past with blessing and joy, letting go of judgement and yes even the pain. The snow is melting.The bright sun in creating dancing shadows across what remains of the snow. I saw a long line of robins yesterday, all facing south. They were like sentinels with watchful eyes. Yes all creation is waiting for the spring that is almost here, after the snows. Much life and living is ahead after the snows. With Gratitude, the wordweaver at singing stones
Sun, February 13, 2011 | link          Comments

Sun, February 13, 2011 | link          Comments

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