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Our words matter. they can wound or heal. so I pray the words written here are ones that heal both your soul and mine.Our words are like gentle streams of water which touch our soul.
May you receive all of these to brighten your day and empower your lfe. 

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

After a Few Stormy Days

these past days have been stormy but for myself there has been an extended stormy time, however quietly I may have appeared to others. Grief, takes on many masks and even though a great deal of my professional life has been walking that painful journey with others, it may manifest in oneself in unexpected ways or ways that were certainly unexpected for me. I now really really know that each person is totally unique in their grief and I am not alone.Each of us walks their own path and in their own way. Yes the days, weeks,months have been stormy with many tears, many confusing emotions, old family hurts, wounds, losses emerging sometimes like thunder or lightening strikes. All of them clouding my energy and  the deepest of my emotions. Grief in the loss of a child is an intusion upon the soul. That kind of loss changes life forever and is a reality that touches every aspect of your life. I have found that it is the deepest of life experience and the most spiritual. It also demands the deepest of courage, the courage to be. The Buddhist teach there is no birth and no death, only change. The mindful awareness of that teaching has been of great comfort during these days as I become even more aware that the spirit of my son is free in the deep essence of his being. He loved the rain and always called me when a storm was coming. In these days of rain, I feel his spirit close and I awake to the sunshine. Namaste. 






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